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Polish Navy colours

: 2005-07-30, 14:43
autor: Mike McCabe
Apologies for posting in English.

Can anyone tell me the colours worn by Polish Navy ships prior to WW2? I want to build a model of Wicher around 1936 but I'm not sure what colours would be correct.

Thanks for any help

Mike McCabe

: 2005-07-30, 16:15
autor: crolick
Hello Mike,

As far as I remember it was light grey, but I can be wrong since it is not my matter of interest. Wait for the rest of the guys, they should know it for certain.

I think that color schemes of the pre-WWII ships, enclosed in my webpage [] should give you the idea on the right coulours :)


: 2005-07-30, 20:19
autor: karolk
Crolick badania Marka T. pokazują, ze z tym kolorem malowania bywało różnie przed wojną :roll: