Talk on the Search for WW2 Polish Submarine ORP Orzel

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Talk on the Search for WW2 Polish Submarine ORP Orzel

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W Londynie odbędzie się prelekcja na temat poszukiwań Orła.
The Search for ORP Orzeł
Date: Tuesday, April 09, 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Member Price: Free but please RSVP
Non-member Price: £ 10
Entry price includes a glass of wine.
Three members of the intrepid ‘Santi Find the Eagle’ Team – Piotr Michalik, Tomasz Stachura and Dr Benedict Hac present a talk about their mission to locate the legendary WW II Polish submarine ORP Orzel – the ‘Eagle’ - which went missing presumed lost in the North Sea between 23 May and 8 June 1940. After the fall of Poland to the Nazis in 1939, the submarine undertook a perilous crossing of the Baltic and North Sea without charts and reported for duty under Royal Navy Command at the Scottish port of Rosyth. The Polish and British crew undertook several daring and successful missions before tragically disappearing.

This event is free for members but please RSVP to reserve a place.
The presentation will detail the inspiring history of the submarine, tell the story of the six expeditions to the North Sea so far, include an explanation of the cutting edge hydrographic technology used to scan the sea depths and cover the historical research methods used to narrow the search area. The challenging mission aims to not only find the resting place of the wreck but also to solve the 78 year old mystery of why the submarine and its brave crew were lost.
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Re: Talk on the Search for WW2 Polish Submarine ORP Orzel

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Mniej o my, my, my, nas, myśmy - więcej o Orle, jednak na koniec było czuć atmosferę pośpiechu do domu
Może więcej interakcji z gośćmi?
Generalnie chwała, że ktoś tego Orła szuka