Book on Amur and Sungari 1900

Okręty Wojenne do 1905 roku

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Book on Amur and Sungari 1900

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A book has been published in Russia dealing with role of the Amur river fleet in the 1900 events of the Boxer rebellion in Manchuria:
А.В. Кузнецов. Пароходы китайской войны. 1900 год на Амуре и Сунгари. Часть I. Июнь-июль.- М.: “Журнал РТ”. 2021

This book, the first of an intended two-part series, covers the June/July period, featuring the dramatic evacuation by water of the CER personnel from Harbin, riverine clashes on the Amur, the organization and movement of the several Russian military flotillas sent to carry supports and restore order along the Amur and Sungari.
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