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Ex br Flowe r- Azalea(WBr.;1915)
1210 t; 81,2x10,1x3,4 m; 1 MP, 2 k; 1400KM=16,5w; 1 MG AA; 90 l;

ZINNIA (../12.8.15; ex br. bzn; zak. 19.4.20; zd. 5.40→ nm. OS/OOPL „Barbara”; 12.43→OBTR; 45→belg.)

Ex n T „A I”(Nm. 1915)
109 t; 41,6x4,6x1,5 m; 1 MP, 1 k Marine; 1200 KM=19 w; 900Mm/12 w; 440 Mm/19 w; 1x50/40, 2 rt 450, 4 miny; 28 l;

WEST DIEP (../27.8.15; 25.6.19 ex nm. „A 20”; 31:→OS; zd. 40→ OS nm. „Reiher”; 43→ „Warendorp”; 45 →USA)

Ex nm T “A II” (Nm. 1916-17)
227 t; 50x5,3x2,1 m; 1 TP Schichau, 1 k Marine; 3250 KM=25,8 w, 690Mm/20 w; 2x88/30, 1rt450; 29 l;

WIELINGEN ((..16/25.12.16; 25.6.19 ex nm. „A 43”; 31→OS; zd. 40: nm.; wyc.1943)


Ex br „MMS“(1940-44)
255 t; 36,4x7,1x2,7 m; 1 SD; 500KM=11 w, 550 Mm/10 w; 1x20AA, 2MG AA (niektóre 2x20AA); 20 l;

MMS 43
MMS 75
MMS 79
MMS 112
MMS 182
MMS 187
MMS 189
MMS 193

Okręty pomocnicze

Mercator (WBr.; 9.12.1931)
770 BRT t; 58,1x10,6x4,3 m; brkt 3m, 1262m2, 1 SD; 500KM=11 w; 80 l;

MERCATOR (OS – żaglowiec)

Ponadto 2 korwety ex br „Flower“ z załogami belgijskimi i pod banderą brytyjską

Fax et tuba
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Mam tyle:

Pomocnicze patrolowce wypożyczone od Brytyjczyków

Phrontis, Raitea, Elektra, Kernot niestety bez jakichkolwiek danych.
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PHRONTIS to może być ten.
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Re: Belgia

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Tak dla porządku
(Royal Navy Section Belge)

with thanks to Mark Jones (21 January 2013)

"The convoy escort record for the Flower class corvette BUTTERCUP indicates the ship was Norwegian. This is true, however the ship spent most of its career with a Belgian crew. The RN formed a Belgian section known as the Royal Navy Section Belge (RNSB) and gave it two corvettes, GODETIA (II) and BUTTERCUP. In 1944 the Belgians needed to decommission their corvettes in order to use the men as port parties in newly liberated Belgium.

When BUTTERCUP was returned to the RN, it was first offered to the French who turned it down. The Norwegians had recently lost the ROSE to a collision, so BUTTERCUP went to the RNorN as a replacement. So in editing the convoy escort record for BUTTERCUP, mention should be made that the ship was Belgian from 9 April 1942 to 7 December 1944, then Norwegian from 20 December through the post-war.

Technically, the Belgian ships were part of the Royal Navy but the crews were all Belgian and flew the Belgian flag so it seems more appropriate to describe BUTTERCUP and GODETIA (II) as Belgian ships."
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