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Okręty eskortowe i dozorowe


Babr (Wł; 1931)
950 t; 62,4(mp)x9x3 m; 2 SD Fiat, 1900KM=15 w; 3x102, 2 MG; 85 l;

BABR (+25.08.41 au. E. Yarra)
PALANG (+ 25.08.41 br. E. Shoreham)


Charogh (Wł;1931)
331 t; 51,8(mp)x6,7x1,8 m;2 SD Fiat, 900KM=15,5 w; 2x76/40, 2x37 AA (jako bryt.→1x76 AA, 1x20 AA); 45 l;

CHAROGH (WB 25.8.41→Rin Nilam)
SHANBAAZ (WB 25.8.41→Rin Hira)
KARKASS (WB 25.8.41→Rin Moti)
SIMORGH (WB 25.8.41→Rin Lal)


Azerbaijan (Wł; 1935)
30 t; 20,8x3,8x1,3 m; 2 SD Krupp; 240 KM=14 w, 680Mm/10 w, 520Mm/14 w; 1x47, 1MG; 15 l;

DEHNO ex Azerbaidjan (K) (+.8.41, ros.→ SKA-1→SKA 200)
CHJAHSEVAR ex Gehlani (K) (jw., ros →SKA-2→SKA 201)
MAKSUS ex Mazederan (K) (jw; ros→SKA-3,→SKA 202)


Ex N „FM” (Nm. 1917; 1923)
170 t; 43x6x1,68 m; 2 MP, 600KM=14w, 650Mm/14 w; 1x76, 2MG, 30min; 30-35 l;

SHAHAN (K) (wyc. 1940)

Okręty pomocnicze

Schahsevar (1936)
530 t; 2 SD; 1400KM=15 w; 2x37;

SHAHSEVAR (K) (jacht królewski)


CHOTOR (K)(dźwig pływajacy) (F.Schichau;1935 – 322 t; 22,8x15x1,6 m; 2x80KM)


HARMAQ (hulk)




NEYROU (Wł; 1934) – 226 t; 27x6,7x1,3 m; 600 KM;
ALMAS (Gdańsk , 1935) – 227 t; 32x7x3,2 m; 600 KM
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Charogh (1931)
331 t; 51,8x6,7x1,8 m; 900KM=15,5 w; 2x75, 2x37 AA; 45 l;

Zbud Canti. Naval. Riuniti , Palermo oprocz
CHANBAAZ zbud O.C.Partenopei , Napoli

CHAROGH zdobyty 25.8.41 -> RIN NILAM (T.302) zwrocony 1946
CHANBAAZ zdobyty 25.8.41 -> RIN HIRA (T.301) zwrocony 1946
KARKAS zdobyty 25.8.41 -> RIN MOTI (T.300) zuzyty na czesci zamioenne , rozebrany Bombay 1946
SIMORGH zdobyty 25.8.41 -> RIN LAL (T.299) zwrocony 1946

Przezbrojone przez RIN w szaila brytyjskie 1-12 pdr plot1-20mm plot

Azerbaijan (1935)
30 t; 20,8x3,8x1,3 m; 240 KM=14 w; 1x47, 1MG; 15 l;

BABOLSAR (K) (+.8.41)
GORGAN (K) (jw.)
Zbud Canti. Naval. Riuniti , Palermo oprocz

Nazwy musialy sie zmieniac
nastepnie , gdyz wg zrodel Sowieckich takie zostaly zdobyte
DEHNO zdobyty 23.9.41 -> SKA-1 22.11.41 -> SKA-200
CHJAHSEVAR zdobyty 23.9.41 -> SKA-2 22.11.41 -> SKA-201
MAKSUS zdobyty 23.9.41 -> SKA-3 22.11.41 -> SKA-202

zasieg 680/10 520/14
przez sowietow przezbrojone 1-45mm 21K 1-12,7mm KM DSZK

Zwrocone chyba okolo 1950 r i wtedy przemianowane

Inne stocznie zbudowaly nastepujace okrety:
BABR CNR Palermo
CHANSEVAUR NV Boele, Bolnes , Holandia

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Poprawne nazwy (ww. literówki):

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ALMAS zal 22.10.35 F.Schichau , Danzig #1376
zbud dla Ministertwa Transportu
180BRT 227t 32,0x7,0x3,2(H)M 600KM
wkonczony w Ianie

F.Schichau zbudowal tez 30t kran plywajacy #1302
zal 21.11.33 uk. 4.7.35
322t 22,8x15,0x1,60(h)x1,03m 2x80KM
taz dla Ministerstwa Transportu

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Poprawione zgodnie z "wnioskami" AvM.
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Re: Iran

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Iran: political diaries 1946-1951
Robert Michael Burrell, Robert L. Jarman
Archive Editions, 1997 - 745 Pages

List of Persian Naval Vessels as believed to exist prior to August 1941 showing present wheraeabouts

1.Babr Sloop. 950t
Sunk by RN in 1941
2. Palang . Sloop. 950t
Sunk by RN in 1941
HM Government has under consideration
providing two suitable vessels as replacements

3.Shahbroke. Gunboat 351t (Shahrokh)
4.Shabaz. Gunboat 351t (Chahbaaz)
5.Simurgh. Gunboat 351t (Simorgh)
6.Kirkaz. Gunboat 351t (Karkas)
All taken by British naval authorities for use with the Royal Indian Navy. Now in Indian Waters. One of these has been cannibalised.
HM Government has proposed a gift of 3 HMDL to replace cannibalised gunboat (b) in place of hire of forue gunboats used by British

7. Euphrates or Humai,. Ex steam yacht Ivy used as depot ship 700t
Used nby RN until recently. Now in charge of Harbourmaster Khorramashar. Sunk at her mooring
No action so far prepared

8. Shahin. Minesweeper 135t
Scuttled by RN July 1944
No action so far prepared

9. Floating dock 600t
Removed by RN Present whereabuts Alexandria
To be returned to Bander Shalpur

10. Neyrou Tug
Previously in use by RN
No action required

11.Tundkash (AdmiralS' barge) Motor launch 83ftx 7ftx2ft
Returned to
No action required

12. Chinchilla steel hulled cabin cruiser
13. Karun 32ft x 13ft x 4ft
Handed back to persians government, but they are unserviceable as engines cannot be repaired
Notation to Admirality
awaited to install new engines

14. Four motor dhows (Booms) at Khoramshar
Two were sunk and are still submerged. Two are in service with RN.
No action so far proposed

15. R.N.M.B.16 motor launch cabin type. 48ft x 10ft x 3ft 6oin with Kelvin 4 cyl engines
Transferred to Inland Water Transport
No action so far proposed

16.R.N.W.B. No.2 water barge dumb
Taken oevre from persians and converted from oil to water barge. Now at Bahrein
No action so far proposed

17.K.M.D. No.1 Motor Dhow ex Golden Hind
Large and old motor dhow. Engine shaft amd housing
No action so far proposed
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Re: Iran

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A Diplomatic History of the Caspian Sea: Treaties, Diaries and Other Stories
G. Mirfendereski

Page 137

The Soviet refusal was not going to deter Reza Khan in his naval quest. Still in 1924, he ordered the commander of the army in northern Persia to produce locally several vessels for duty in the Caspian. A 70 ton , useless, and decript vessel belonging to the Lionozov enerprise and laying at anchor at Chimkhaleh near Anzali was pressed into service. A multinational creew made of various exparties, including Polish , German, and Russian seamen, undertook the rehabilitation of the vessel. Armed with the two guns that were brought from the arsenal in Teheran thhe SEFIDRUD was commissioned in Feb 1925 for security patrol and intedirection of contraband.

Stationed at Piri Bazar the SEFIDRUD‘s first major operation turned out to be the successful blockade of the Turkmen position neear Gorgan, whrere the Turkmens were fighting the Persian army. Upon return from this operation, the vessel was renamed the NAHANG, meaning „whale. Later , a 15-ton vessel , also belonging to the Lionozov enterprise was purchased by the Persian government , renamed the CHALUS, after a town in western Mazandran some 34 miles east southeast of Shahjsavar, Converted into a gunboat, the CHALUS, was commissioned in 1927 for patrol duty in the Caspian.

Page 162

In as official ceremony at Bandar Pqahlavi on 7 Sep 1946, the Soviet navy turned over five of the Iranian naval units. However misssing among them was the NAHANG, which had belonged to Lionozov enterprise and had been claimed by the Soviets as state property by virtue of their nationalization law. In the same month , the Soviets also returned to Iranian possession a number of other vessels , among which were the dreger MAZANDARAN, three cargo ship s with sails, and a tugboat. However , the Soviets did not return the tugboats ALMAS and MASHALAK, a floating crane , and the MAZADARAN's auxiliary boat, claiming thet all these units were sent to Russia for repairs [22]
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Re: Iran

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Astrakhan #1780
Nasledniniki G.S.Lionozova
bud 1913 V.Frolov, Strakhan
46,50grt 21,47nrt 66,50x13,50x5,70ft depth 3.5/4 draft
motor 40ihp 9kts 2,000 pud noscosc