How to register.

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How to register.

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As You might wish to participate in FOW discussion fully, You have to register first. Despite the FOW's platform is widely known... it is in Polish, so You may have some problems with registering.

Here You will find a few hints on how to register. Read it carefully.

Step 1

Find word "Rejestracja" in top menu - and click it.

Step 2

On bottom of the next page You'll find phrase "Zgadzam Się na te warunki i mam powyżej 13 lat" - click it.

Step 3

On this page You will find a form that needs to be filled. Note that fields marked with astersk are compulsory. The following fields have the meaning:

Użytkownik: * - user
Adres email: * - mail adress
Hasło: * - password
Potwierdź Hasło: * - retype password
Skąd: - where from
Zawód: - occupation
Zainteresowania: - hobbies
Podpis: - signature
Strefa Czasowa: - time zone

After You will fill the required fields, find on the bottom of the page the box with text: Wyślij - and click it

Then the stuff goes as usual. You'll get a confirmation mail. You click the link embedded in it... and You are registerd user.